Friday, July 30, 2010

Peet's Coffee (8)

We are coffee snobs here at Cafe Koontz and there is no better coffee than Peet's. Peet's served as the inspiration for the Starbucks franchise, but we don't hold that against them. Peet's never really made it in the cafe scene however; their outlets mainly serve as coffee bean stores. The original store is in Berkeley, California. We have 3 lbs shipped monthly to Texas and they only ship beans that are freshly roasted.  You cannot make a decent cup of coffee without freshly roasted beans and filtered water. Throw out your Folger's, Starbucks supermarket bags, and those pricey Italian pods. Those beans were roasted back when people put mousse in their hair. Order your Peet's today.
(No, they did not pay me to advertise their product.)

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